Blazers at Barney’s

Everyone knows that a blazer is a staple in a guys wardrobe. We’ve all seen the classic black blazer but I say it’s time to change it up a bit. These two pieces by Andrea Campagne are exactly what I mean by change it up. The classic plaid design of both of these makes them extremely versatile while the splash of color (especially in the red one) makes them the centre piece of an outfit. I am in love with the red plaid design. The simplicity of the large plaid design is so attractive. Sigh.. Yet another thing  I’ve added to the someday list.

Designer: Andrea Campagne   Price Tag: $3595.00   Photo: Barney’s New York



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3 responses to “Blazers at Barney’s

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  2. shoesmaketheman

    Really? $3.5k? Even I would baulk at paying that much for a blazer and I’m a pretentious prick!
    They are nice though….. I have a similar design from Premonition.

    • haha.. yeah it’s definitely steep. this is basically a little look book of my fantasy closet if money was no object. a guy can dream huh? thanks for the comment 🙂

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