Burberry Womens Trench

I fell in love with Burberry Trench coats a few years ago. When I was in San Francisco this past spring I tried one on and it only confirmed the love I had for this particular coat.

Burberry  J9

Buckingham Cat Trenchcoat $1,095     Cotton Satin Trenchcoat $2,095

Burberry offers a variety of coats, all of them stunning. I’m more of a classic gal so I tend to lean towards coats like the Cotton Satin Trench.

Burberry  J91

Single Breasted Poplin Trench $1,195       Lace Trench $1,116    

There are more casual coats, and more dressy coats, something for every occasion. Whether it’s the ballet, a dinner out with friends or you’re leaving work after  along day at the office, your Burberry Trench will always make you look and feel stylish.

Photo Source: Bergdorf Goodman Online, Burberry Online


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