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The Good Kind of Acne

After I posted about Nudie jeans one of my best friends introduced me to Acne. Founded in Stockholm in 1996, one of their main goals was to develop a lifestyle brand of clothing. Well, they’ve definitely done that if you ask me! As you know, I’m a fan of raw denim and after I bought a pair of Nudies in September I’m hooked. Acne takes raw denim to a whole new level in my opinion. Free of logos and tacky stitching they are the ultimate look for denim. Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 9.34.52 PM

Roc Lana Blue Slim $230 Roc Maxsan Slim $350

The classic look of the blue jean is in full swing with our first pair. Perfect for a day out shopping or a night out at the local pub. With a sweater or a blazer it’s the perfect casual choice. I’m really loving the color of the second pair. They’re almost an indigo blue and I can’t get enough of them. I need to find a pair like this!!!

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 9.34.23 PM

Max Raw Slim $200 Max Satin Black $200

Black denim is so under rated. It needs to become a staple in everyone’s closet and at that price, how could you not?! Both are black but one has a bit of a metallic sheen to it making it almost a charcoal grey color (depending on the light I’m sure). The satin black denim would go perfectly with a dress shirt, bow tie and a nice blazer. Boys, listen up! This is what you should wear to the Christmas party you were invited to! You’ll have girls (or guys) all over you! Trust me 😉


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Louis, anyone?

As long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with Louis Vuitton. I don’t know what it is! The classic logo or the simplicity of the designs. Whatever it is, I can’t help it!

Brooklyn $1300                                                   Mick MM $1350

The Brooklyn is a classic messenger bag style in the Damier Canvas leather style. For any young professional this bag is perfect because it’s very versatile. You see the “man purse” all over Europe and it’s time that it became a staple in every North American male’s outfit. Same with the Mick. The graphite leather is beautiful and would look so fresh with any outfit.

Keepall Bandoulière $1550                 Weekender Beaubourg $1690

Nothing says travelling in style like these two LV tote bags. Functional and classic. I’ve been swooning over the Keepall for years; going to Holt’s at least once a month and imagining it being in my closet. It will be one day, you can count on that! There isn’t much more you need to say about these two besides “I’ll take two!”

Photos: Louis Vuitton Online Store

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Louboutin Love


Basically, these don’t even need a description to them. The Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spike Loafer is everything. It’s basically the focal point of an outfit. With these being a little bit pricey ($1395) they are definitely not a shoe you would put in danger of getting dirty. I’ve tried this pair on when I was in the Louboutin store in Vegas and they were so comfortable.. I’m not ashamed to say that I considered buying them for about 15 seconds. 


The leopard print is for the more adventurous guy. With a black blazer, simple v neck t-shirt and a pair of black denim pants this pair would look amazing. Do you have $1495 kicking around?



This pair is a lot more toned down than the Rollerboy. The Selassie Men’s Black flat runs for $995.. so it’s a little bit cheaper than the previous two but is for a completely different outfit. I’ve always been of the mind that shoes are as important as a pair of jeans or a nice sweater. You can’t cheap out on shoes. This pair would be great with a pair of dark wash jeans or even with a suit. Guess I’ll have to add a few more pairs to my “someday” list.

Photos: Christian Louboutin Online


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