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The Weekly Bow Tie

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 10.04.05 PM

Black Fleece Herringbone V-Neck Sweater $995

While surfing the Barney’s website I came across this amazing sweater. I’m in love with the thick dark navy bottom of the sweater. It’s a classic look for any guy. I say this a lot, but this is something that should be in everyone’s closet. This is the perfect choice for Christmas Day dinner, isn’t it? I thought so. Thiiiiis is what I want right now! Someone get it for me for Christmas??


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The Weekly Bow Tie

This is something that caught my eye the other day while I was pretending to be paying attention in class. It’s so simple and so stylish that I couldn’t help but not post it up for you all to see. The classic v-neck sweater with a twist! Once again, you can never have too many sweaters! This sweater is definitely one that I would consider as a casual choice though. You couldn’t really wear a collared shirt with this sweater since it has a little one already. Nevertheless it’s still major! And how great is the color?? I want this…Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 11.35.33 PMBurberry Cashmere Raglan Sweater $995

Photo: Bergdorf Goodman Online

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Marc by Marc

I love Marc Jacobs. I don’t know how many ways I can express my adoration for everything in the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. I wish I lived in a city like New York where I had access to clothes like these. We have a Holt Renfrew downtown here in Edmonton but it’s in desperate need of a facelift in every sense of the word. 
Marc by MarcThere’s a piece for every style in this line. These are by far my four favorite outfits. They’re all so different. Every guy has to have a a good grey sweater in their wardrobe. You can do so much with a a sweater like this. As you can see above, you can keep it casual with a pair of boots and brighter coloured bottoms. (Brushed Cashmere V-Neck Sweater $328)

In case you didn’t know, I’m a fan of tank tops on guys and a lot of my friends will agree with me on that point. Nothing looks better than a nice striped tank top (sigh.. makes me think of summer) and it’s even a plus when the guy has nice arms 😉  (Van Stripe Tank $78)

You can never go wrong with a simple black pea coat. Perfect for the first bite of winter and when worn with layers, can work all winter! I have a jacket similar to this one (not Marc Jacobs, sadly) and it literally works with everything you could possibly imagine. Definitely a must have in every guy’s closet. (Leo Coating $648)

Finally we come to the denim look in a casual button up style. This has definitely grown on me. I think I was turned off of this style because the first time I saw someone wearing a denim styled top he was also wearing jeans… it was a denim overload and I was afraid. Paired with a pair of neutral pants this is the perfect look for a night out to a club or with friends for a casual dinner. (Leo Shirting $238)

Sidenote… I need to find these boots! Any ideas? 

Photos: Marc Jacobs Online



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Nothing says class like a Burberry coat. Whether is paired with a suit or with a casual outfit they look extremely sharp and put together. Normally I’m not a huge fan of Burberry for clothing but as soon as I saw these coats on the Saks website I knew I had a new topic to write about!

Short Duffel Coat $1660            Osbert Shearling Collar $1245

The Short Duffel is perfect for a casual day out shopping or going for a coffee when paired with a nice scarf and a pair of dark wash jeans. The Shearling Collar can double up as a heavier sweater as well for those chilly days we all know and love here in Canada.

Sotheby Moleskin Coat $1450         Single-Breasted Trench $1245

The single-breasted trench should be a staple in every man’s collection of jackets. It’s a classic style that will always be in demand. Once you spend the money on one you will never have to spend the money on it again! I can definitely say that at least two of these are on my wish list!

Photos: Saks Fifth Avenue Online

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rag & bone

I’m absolutely in love with this company. I spent most of the afternoon looking through their fall line for both men and women and I have to say, even though this brand is on the mid level end of the price scale it is definitely worth it!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; every guy needs a blazer in his wardrobe. Above are two different styles. On the left is a classic charcoal blazer that is perfect for the stylist professional. The clean lines of the jacket make it a total contender for formal wear. Whether its to a business meeting or a night out at the local pub. On the right is a beautiful dark teal jacket perfect for dress casual. Throw a casual v neck and some dark wash jeans and you have the perfect outfit!

These are some great casual outfits. Whoever said that casual meant wearing jeans and an ugly hoodie was seriously disturbed. Both of these are perfect for a day at school or a day of running errands. The amount of effort it takes to put on outfits like these is next to none so the next time you consider wearing sweatpants and an oversized hoodie to your 8 am class think to yourself, “what would Steven tell me to do?”.

Photos: rag & bone Official Website

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Louis, anyone?

As long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with Louis Vuitton. I don’t know what it is! The classic logo or the simplicity of the designs. Whatever it is, I can’t help it!

Brooklyn $1300                                                   Mick MM $1350

The Brooklyn is a classic messenger bag style in the Damier Canvas leather style. For any young professional this bag is perfect because it’s very versatile. You see the “man purse” all over Europe and it’s time that it became a staple in every North American male’s outfit. Same with the Mick. The graphite leather is beautiful and would look so fresh with any outfit.

Keepall Bandoulière $1550                 Weekender Beaubourg $1690

Nothing says travelling in style like these two LV tote bags. Functional and classic. I’ve been swooning over the Keepall for years; going to Holt’s at least once a month and imagining it being in my closet. It will be one day, you can count on that! There isn’t much more you need to say about these two besides “I’ll take two!”

Photos: Louis Vuitton Online Store

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Winter Warmth

Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere $2,295 Moncler Cable Knit $720

With winter well underway it’s important to keep warm. The thing that most guys forget is that you don’t have to throw on that lumpy old hoodie from your old high school or favorite sports team. These sweaters are extremely versatile and instantly clean up your “I don’t care” look. A cable knit sweater will never ever go out of style. It’s just plain and simple.

Loro Piana Linen Cardigan $627 Rag & Bone Merino Cardigan $370

I love cardigans. If I could only wear cardigans for the rest of winter I would be the happiest person alive. Cardigans are so versatile! Really no matter what you are wearing, they always work! Whether you’re wearing a dress shirt and dress pants or a plaid shirt and jeans – they look great! I’m in love with the Loro Piana grey blue linen cardigan. The grey in it makes it a lot more neutral as opposed to a royal blue. Although I’m a fan of the sloppier look for casual, you have to have a more form fitting one for dressier outfits which is what Rag & Bone is giving us in a beautiful charcoal grey merino wool piece.

Photos: Bergdorf Goodman Online

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