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Kate Spade

I like to think that Kate and I are best friends. I fall in love with each bag she creates and in return, she produces more beautiful bags for me to fawn over. Really, it’s love.

I love Kate Spade bags and while they are on the lower end of the designer items… they’re no Coach.

One of the great things about Kate Spade is that the bags are simple. They don’t overwhelm you with pattern’s and they use color to make them stand out.

Charlotte Street Sylvie $398                      Boutique Stripe Harmony $328

Bright bags don’t have any other patterns on them, which I think is great. Black and white bags tend to have a bit more detailing.

Belleville Plaid Quinn $258  $129                          Post Street Little Adair $298
They don’t have a ton of sales but I’ve had my eye on this Quinn bag for a while… I would order it, except for the shipping cost to where I live. These bags are definitely on my wish list this holiday season.
Oh, Kate.
Photo Source: Kate Spade Online


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