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Burberry Womens Trench

I fell in love with Burberry Trench coats a few years ago. When I was in San Francisco this past spring I tried one on and it only confirmed the love I had for this particular coat.

Burberry  J9

Buckingham Cat Trenchcoat $1,095     Cotton Satin Trenchcoat $2,095

Burberry offers a variety of coats, all of them stunning. I’m more of a classic gal so I tend to lean towards coats like the Cotton Satin Trench.

Burberry  J91

Single Breasted Poplin Trench $1,195       Lace Trench $1,116    

There are more casual coats, and more dressy coats, something for every occasion. Whether it’s the ballet, a dinner out with friends or you’re leaving work after  along day at the office, your Burberry Trench will always make you look and feel stylish.

Photo Source: Bergdorf Goodman Online, Burberry Online


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Kate Spade

I like to think that Kate and I are best friends. I fall in love with each bag she creates and in return, she produces more beautiful bags for me to fawn over. Really, it’s love.

I love Kate Spade bags and while they are on the lower end of the designer items… they’re no Coach.

One of the great things about Kate Spade is that the bags are simple. They don’t overwhelm you with pattern’s and they use color to make them stand out.

Charlotte Street Sylvie $398                      Boutique Stripe Harmony $328

Bright bags don’t have any other patterns on them, which I think is great. Black and white bags tend to have a bit more detailing.

Belleville Plaid Quinn $258  $129                          Post Street Little Adair $298
They don’t have a ton of sales but I’ve had my eye on this Quinn bag for a while… I would order it, except for the shipping cost to where I live. These bags are definitely on my wish list this holiday season.
Oh, Kate.
Photo Source: Kate Spade Online


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Tiffany’s & Co.

Tiffany’s is a timeless treasure. Founded in 1837 by Mr. Tiffany, Tiffany’s is an fusion of taste and style. The brand Tiffany’s stands for beauty, grace and pristine.

The Tiffany’s Diamond is one of the largest diamonds in the world weighing in at 287.42 carats. Only Mr. Tiffany would own a diamond of that magnitude.

Tiffany’s has many timeless items that will never go out of style:

Return To Tiffany’s Bracelet $305

Tiffany’s Reversible Tote $965

Tiffany’s stands for love…

Tiffany’s Setting Engagement Ring 1 carat $12,100

And while blue may be the color of dreams, yellow shows distinctiveness.

Price not available

“Rare is a Tiffany yellow diamond. Rare is a women who wears one”

Photo Source: Tiffany’s Online

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Cross Bust Dress $1,050         Contrast Cap Sleeve Bandage $1,250

Herve is never going to go out of style, these gowns are absolutely flawless. Starting his French line in 1985, established himself with well-to-dos and high class society during the 80’s.

These sultry dresses hug a woman’s body in all the right places.

The trick with this gown is to ensure that you don’t buy second hand. There are so many fakes out there you never know who is selling what. You can be sure of the true owners by requesting to see their VIP card.

The demand for these stunning gowns is as high today as ever, everybody wants one.

Ombre Dress $1,667        Amee Ombre Dress $1,450

“Not since two became new four and zero became the new two. Well, I’m a six… Which is the new fourteen.” – The Devil Wears Prada

Photos: Bergdorf Goodman, Herve Leger, Saks Fifth Avenue


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