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Raw Denim

There has been a long standing argument in my head about spending money on jeans or not. I’ve come to the conclusion that jeans are something you can’t cheap out on. Yes, we’ve all gotten that pair of $30 jeans from H&M or American Eagle.. but how long did they last? Did they stretch out? Did they discolor super fast? Probably.

I recently caved in an bought a pair of Nudie Jeans. I had been eyeing them up for a couple of weeks and then finally caved in and bought a pair. I am in love, and I will be buying only raw denim.

Thin Finn Organic Black Indigo Grim Tim Organic Black Light

Above are the classic styles. The typical “blue jean” look. People under estimate the power of a good pair of jeans. Yes, they can indeed be quite a casual look but with the right addition of nice blazer or a solid dress shirt & bow tie it can instantly become a great dress/casual look.

Thin Finn Organic Dry Heavy Thin Finn Organic Black Ring

Both of these are great additions to a denim collection. I’m currently swooning over the black ones. Super dark denim and black denim is such a great look. Denim is underestimated nowadays because it has been widely considered as a casual look when it’s probably the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

Designer: Nudie Jeans Co. Price Tag: $179-$285 Pictures: shop.nudiejeans.com


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