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Dreaming of a White Christmas

I was on the Saks Fifth Avenue website today browsing through some of their lines and I came across these amazing pieces. How great are they?! Amazing casual choices that still look nice and put together. All I really want for Christmas is clothes & I can definitely tell you that they’re on my dream wish list… Take a look!

Xmas list 1

I need both of these tops. The blazer and the jacket are everything. Pairing the grey blazer with the light green bottoms was a brilliant choice, how amazing does it look? It looks sooo put together, something I would hope to see on a first date 🙂

Xmas list 2

Great colours and everything looks so put together! Now if only every guy could dress like this! How happy would I be?! How happy would everyone be? There would be a lot of happy people. Happy Monday everyone!!

Photos: Saks Fifth Avenue Online


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Nothing says class like a Burberry coat. Whether is paired with a suit or with a casual outfit they look extremely sharp and put together. Normally I’m not a huge fan of Burberry for clothing but as soon as I saw these coats on the Saks website I knew I had a new topic to write about!

Short Duffel Coat $1660            Osbert Shearling Collar $1245

The Short Duffel is perfect for a casual day out shopping or going for a coffee when paired with a nice scarf and a pair of dark wash jeans. The Shearling Collar can double up as a heavier sweater as well for those chilly days we all know and love here in Canada.

Sotheby Moleskin Coat $1450         Single-Breasted Trench $1245

The single-breasted trench should be a staple in every man’s collection of jackets. It’s a classic style that will always be in demand. Once you spend the money on one you will never have to spend the money on it again! I can definitely say that at least two of these are on my wish list!

Photos: Saks Fifth Avenue Online

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Cross Bust Dress $1,050         Contrast Cap Sleeve Bandage $1,250

Herve is never going to go out of style, these gowns are absolutely flawless. Starting his French line in 1985, established himself with well-to-dos and high class society during the 80’s.

These sultry dresses hug a woman’s body in all the right places.

The trick with this gown is to ensure that you don’t buy second hand. There are so many fakes out there you never know who is selling what. You can be sure of the true owners by requesting to see their VIP card.

The demand for these stunning gowns is as high today as ever, everybody wants one.

Ombre Dress $1,667        Amee Ombre Dress $1,450

“Not since two became new four and zero became the new two. Well, I’m a six… Which is the new fourteen.” – The Devil Wears Prada

Photos: Bergdorf Goodman, Herve Leger, Saks Fifth Avenue


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