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Louis, anyone?

As long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with Louis Vuitton. I don’t know what it is! The classic logo or the simplicity of the designs. Whatever it is, I can’t help it!

Brooklyn $1300                                                   Mick MM $1350

The Brooklyn is a classic messenger bag style in the Damier Canvas leather style. For any young professional this bag is perfect because it’s very versatile. You see the “man purse” all over Europe and it’s time that it became a staple in every North American male’s outfit. Same with the Mick. The graphite leather is beautiful and would look so fresh with any outfit.

Keepall Bandoulière $1550                 Weekender Beaubourg $1690

Nothing says travelling in style like these two LV tote bags. Functional and classic. I’ve been swooning over the Keepall for years; going to Holt’s at least once a month and imagining it being in my closet. It will be one day, you can count on that! There isn’t much more you need to say about these two besides “I’ll take two!”

Photos: Louis Vuitton Online Store


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